a Chiyo-ni

7 disegni per 28 haiku

[7 drawings for 28 haikus]

You can read more about this project in this post, here I present the whole collection of drawings. They are made with colour pencils and ink on washi paper and portray different objects of my life in real size, together with a stylised (and growing-up) me. The softness and transparency of washi paper has given a bit of a gosthy touch to the drawings, and allowed me to let them litterally lay on my translation of 4 haikus by Chiyo-ni, which one can even read through the paper. Each drawing reflects a 7 year cycle of my life and the 4 haikus, one per season, reflect one year, i.e. another kind of life-cycle. The proportion is (1 year / 4 haikus) : Chiyo-ni = (1 drawing / 7 years) : myself. For single drawings and related haikus: I, II, III (to be continued).


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