This site collects a little selection of elder works from the time when Satyrika was my ‘arts & crafts’ brand (2010-2014) and those coming thereafter from my refund bound to drawing and painting. What they keep in common, is their background founded on theatre and literature, as a natural consequence of my being actress, singer, dramatist, translator and director for theatre and music-theatre (not all of them at once) since I was about twenty years old.

From my point of view, everything I did starting from 2014 can be considered as a forerunner or a proper product of my current, third life here in Vienna. You can learn more about my two previous life (Turin 2001-2015 and Vienna 1993-2000) on my homepage robertacortese.com. Before that, nothing very artistical occurred. Anyway, I was born in Turin, where I started studying Classics and then changed into Theatre, Music and Literature, until I moved the first time to Vienna, starting there my life(s) on (and later back-) stage.


What you may also like to know:

The name Satyrika [sa-tì-ri-ca] comes from Ancient Greek σατυρικά, plural form of σατυρικός, and means things
“of or pertaining to a satyr”, Satyrs being half-man, half-goat males of Greek mythology, companions of Pan and Dionysus living in woods or mountains, personifying fertility and nature’s strength. Satyrical dramas gave rise to classical tragedy, which together with comedy and satyr plays build the three dramatic genres played at the Athen’s theatre festival called the Dionysia, which of course honoured the god Dionysus.

Furthermore, Satyricon (or Satyrikon) is a satirical novel in a mixture of prose and poetry, written by Latin author Petronius (c. 27 – 66 AD), and therefore Satyrikon is also the name of my cultural association, focusing on contemporary drama and mixtures of arts (further information at Satyrikon).

[Photo © Stefania Bonatelli]