a Chiyo-ni [VI]

From the series a Chiyo-ni. 7 disegni per 28 haiku [to Chiyo-ni. 7 drawings for 28 haikus], sixth drawing with colour pencils and ink on washi paper, laying on a cardboard with my Italian translation of 4 haikus (42x30cm). An introduction to Chiyo-ni and my project in this post, previous life cycles in drawing I (age 0-7), II (age 8-14), III (age 15-21), IV (age 22-28), V (age 29-35). This drawing is about age 36-42 of my life. I got married, this means family time. I got the teapot later, but again as a present from the wedding of another family member, so it’s everything bound together.


In the next slides, the related Chiyo-ni’s haikus in kanji and romaji, with my Italian metrical translation (English non-metrical translations in the captions).



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